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18 December 2023

One would say, all you need is Christmas and cats. Thinking you’ve finally finished putting up the Christmas tree, wait a minute … you hadn’t put cat ears in your Christmas tree at all. And when you have quietly put your cat out, he jumps back in the next moment. As if the baubles arere calling the cat to jump back in. The party for those little acrobats starts the moment you bring the Christmas box downstairs from the attic.

This, of course, is because cats are naturally curious climbers, it’s another new thing in the house that needs to be explored right away. But sometimes you would still think they are playing games with you, in which reaching the peak is the grand prize, which usually comes down together with the cat AND tree.

We bought an faux Christmas tree from the very beginning. This is also safer for the cat since pine needles can be poisonous and produce a lot of junk. Don’t forget the plastic baubles, which, by the way, are just as much fun to knock out of the tree.

However, can you really blame these cute critters?

A convenient alternative is to simply hang the Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling. Just as colorful, and that way the cats can enjoy it too (from a distance). And we also stick the Christmas decorations down with glue, thereby making it clear to your furry four-legged friend that that artificial snowman is not a toy.

But above all, don’t forget, it’s also a big party for the cats. You just have to be able to laugh when they do manage to get one of the baubles or greet you from the top Christmas tree 🙂

Happy holidays to everyone!

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