Which plants are toxic to cats

Written by Nikoletta

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8 March 2024

Spring is on its way. It is THE time of year when the flowers start blooming again, too. Still, we have to consider the environment the bengal wants to be in with this nice weather and what flowers are there. In fact, some flowers are toxic to our cats. And an accident can easily happen. Therefore, I wantb to discuss a few types of flowers you should keep your bengal (or other cat) away from.

  1. Hyacinths: In spring, most people have them in their homes, hyacinths. Yet the bulb, seed, leaves and flowers are mildly toxic to our cats.
  2. Lilies: Found in most bouquets, yet these flowers are very dangerous. The whole lily is poisonous: stem, leaves and pollen. The cat does not even have to eat from the plant: if he/she walks through the falling pollen and then licks it off the paws, life-threatening kidney damage can already occur
  3. Daffodils: These flowers are commonly seen around Easter. Still, it is better to keep them on a floor or shelf higher up, or at least out of your cat’s reach. In fact, the bulb of this flower is highly toxic.
  4. Peony: As beautiful and innocent as this rose looks, this flower is also very dangerous for your cat.

Of course, you can keep these flowers somewhere where the cat would not be able to reach them in any possible way. And, further, there are dozens of types of flowers that are no problem at all for your cat. Still, I would recommend always doing some research before placing a new type of flower in your home, after all, disease prevention is easier than cure.

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