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Top quality and purebred silver and black tabby spotted bengal kittens.


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silver tabby spotted bengal
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About us

Nikoletta, Menno and our daughters Lauressa and Chanelle: we are Praslin Bengals.

For more than 15 years we have been breeding cats with great passion. After being introduced to the bengal breed at a show, we were sold. Our first breeding female came from Canada, after several years of waiting, so we could start with the finest quality.

Our goal is to breed bengals with beautiful markings and strong contrast. But equally important is that we raise them to be Attentive, curious and loving cats. We breed bengals in two colors: black tabby rosetted (golden color) and silver tabby rosetted (white gold color). We have the required training and certification in animal care (keepers of dogs and cats) and are affiliated with Tica and Neocat.

quality first

Why a kitten from Praslin Bengals

Healthy cats

All bengal kittens are vaccinated twice, dewormed four times, microchipped and given a passport.
All adult bengals are regularly tested for HCM/PKD, PRA/PKDef, FeLV/FIV, TTF, cryptosporidium and giardia. They are vaccinated and checked annually by our veterinarian.
The kittens are sold with a contract which is also your certificate of guarantee. Of course, you will receive a pedigree.

Social cats

Our bengal kittens grow up in the living room in the company of our adult bengals. They get used to all noises, such as vacuum cleaner and washing machine, so they are not afraid of anything.
They are taken in the hands of our family a lot, so they develop a loving character.
We breed with care for our cats. That means we only take a few litters per queen.

active communication

We send new photos weekly. We take these with a professional camera.
We post daily on social media about life within our cattery.
We respond to your emails within 24 hours. You can also contact us after purchase for questions and advice about your kitten.

We ship worldwide

Praslin Bengal kittens can be found worldwide

We have made people in the countries below happy with a Praslin Bengal kitten. For transport by air, we work with an agent at schiphol. For road transport, we work with a certified animal transport service.





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Praslin Bengals

Meet our bengal cats

Ambersands Mustang silver bengal | silver bengal

Ambersands Mustang

Silver tabby spotted bengal

West bengal taycan silver bengal | silver bengal

West Bengal Taycan

Silver tabby spotted bengal

Gadget Ashquindi zilver bengaal | silver bengal

Gadget Ashquindi

Silver tabby spotted bengal

Praslin Polarstar zilver bengaal | silver bengal

Praslin Polarstar

Silver tabby spotted bengal

Jelly Bean Ashquindi bruine bengal | black tabby bengal

Silverstorm Ocean

Silver tabby spotted bengal

HeavenLy Rosettes Venice snow bengal | snow bengal

Heaven Ly Rosettes Venice

Snow charcoal bengal