10 reasons why you need a Bengal cat.

Written by Nikoletta

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28 December 2023

Having a bengal is essential to your mental and physical health. Below we will give 10 reasons why you need a Bengal cat.

  1. There is always someone who steals the show in the house every time you visit, which will of course be your mini leopard. Bengals come in silver and black tabby spotted, their unique look is definitely not to be missed!
  2. Bengal cats have a curious and adventurous personality, they love to play with anything they find and are very involved in activities around the house. That way you will never get bored.
  3. Bengals are very intelligent and can even learn certain tricks, for example, some cats can play fetch. We have also made different obstacles that we sometimes introduce to the kittens, this way they get used to different disciplines, they always like this a lot!
  4. It is good for children. Children in their younger years learn to have more empathy for others, and build a sense of responsibility.
  5. Sweet cats can put your mind at ease. Cats sense when you behave differently and will gladly show their love by lying next to you and purring, for example. This is why we think socialization when raising kittens is very important!
  6. The coat care of a bengal is not intensive, because of their short hair the cleanup work is minimal, in fact, they keep it in top condition themselves!
  7. If you are allergic to cats, it does not necessarily mean that you are also allergic to bengals. Bengal cats are hypoallergenic, meaning there are fewer substances in their fur that you could have an allergic reaction to.
  8. They also love a running tap, turn the tap on very gently and you won’t hear from them for the rest of the day. The bengal differs from many other breeds in that it does like water. There are even bengals who take showers with their owners.
  9. Cats reduce your stress. This is because we produce endorphins when we pet a cat. This makes you feel happier and less stressed.
  10. Last but not least, a cat’s purring is very relaxing. The vibrations produced by the cat make us feel more at ease and more likely to relax our muscles and our minds.

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