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Ch. Maserati of Dressycats

Maserati is an amazing boy with huge, round, black outlined rosettes, great head and sweet carakter. He is a once in a lifetime stud. Maserati is PKDef normal. You can find the pedigree of Maserate here. Maserati is PKD normal. We want to thank Steffie from Dressycats for this incredible boy! Maserati has been neutered on 08 may 2013.

The parents of Maserati are:

Kanpur little Diamond hart X int Ch. Jungle Love Kimba hart


Ch. Anjali Titanic Seducer (Titan) hart

We proudly present Titan, our new stud boy (co-owned with Bengalivo).

Titan has big, rounded rosettes, good contract and he is a real sweetheart! Titan is tested HCM and PKD negative. You can find the pedigree of Titan here. Titan is tested for HCM and PKD, results are here. Titan has been tested HCM negative again on 22.02.2012.

The parents of Titan are:

Anjali Mississippi Queen X Gogees Lucky Daze

Dana, thank you so much for this absolutelly stunning boy! Titan has been neutered on 27-07-2012.


Jungletabby’s Bacardi hart

In december 2008 our first stud arrived. He is from Germany from the cattery Jungletabby. He has an incredible pattern, huge, pancake rosettes, a very nice flow, good contrast and a nice profile.

Click here for his pedigree. On 27th of September 2010, Bacardi was tested for HCM and PKD.

On 3 March 2011 Bacardi has been neutered and is now living as a happy pet.

The parents of Bacardi are

Gogees LaDiva hart X Zhibzhii Lexani hart

Examples of kittens produced by Bacardi:

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